Simplifying and Finding Focus

I have been decluttering this year like never before and looking at my belongings with a fresh pair of eyes has made me realise how little there really is that I “need” and that I actually value. What has made this year’s decluttering different to other years is that I haven’t felt the need to replace anything I’ve let go of. I don’t mind having empty space around me and if anything, decluttering has brought a lot of clarity into my* life.

*I am referring to my personal belongings, not my husband’s or our daughter’s…

In addition to clarity, there has been the added bonus of being able to better focus on what’s left. I have read the books I’ve decided to keep, I’ve mended the clothing I love and at least attempted to fix or reuse some of the broken items that I still hold dear. Being able to focus on the items I have decided to keep has made them feel so much more valuable, no matter what their actual price was.

It hasn’t just been my belongings I’ve let go of. I’ve also let go of any guilt that purchasing the items have brought me and more importantly, I’ve let go of items my ego would have previously told me to keep. These have included “the must have” design pieces that were too precious to actually use and “the trophies” that might have made me feel like I was part of some imaginary club. Social media can be a wonderful source of inspiration, but it can also make us feel inadequate in so many ways. This has been a huge part of my decluttering and I feel so much happier and lighter for it.


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  1. FunSizeFit

    I’ve also been decluttering different areas of my life this past year. Until I started really putting my mind to it, I never realized how invested one could be mentally and emotionally in one’s belongings. It’s also so challenging to overcome the guilt of throwing things away that are still in good condition.

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      I absolutely agree! I still feel guilty of donating things that still seem to have some monetary value, but the peace I get from letting things go makes it all worth it! 🙂

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