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Ro Collection

I am still here in Finnish Lapland, spending quite a bit of time enjoying the snowy forests, sauna and all the foods I’ve been missing. Wandering around the quiet forests yesterday made me realise how much I’ve missed the serenity of my hometown; where you can get lost in the forests (figuratively speaking) without encountering anyone else. I started reading this book about shinrin-yoku, Japanese “forest bathing”and  having walked through these quiet forests I can see why this trend of “finding peace and happiness in the forest” has become so popular.

When I first came across the Danish brand Ro, I thought their emphasis on craftsmanship, quality and tranquillity was everything I could wish for from a designer brand. Created as a contrast to the fast-phased world we live in, Ro believes in quality and materials that only become more beautiful with time.

“Ro is a state of mind. A feeling. To be in the present. A place where the abstractness of art and intuitive styling merges with functional design philosophy.” 

Amongst some of the most beautiful vases and ceramics, Ro’s collection includes exquisite wooden pieces, like the Toolbox. A versatile and highly functional design, the Toolbox can be used as a luxurious storage box, as well as a serving tray. Handmade at a local Danish furniture workshop, this is one of those pieces that will grow more and more beautiful with time.

Read more about Ro and the Toolbox here. Thank you Ro for this stunning gift.

Magical Lapland

I’m back home in Lapland, where I was greeted with cold, crisp weather and beautiful frost covering trees and the ground. The peaceful forests and the freezing temperatures feel simply perfect after such a long time away.

This beautiful Eldvarm lantern looked right at home in these surroundings. I have loved these lanterns ever since their first release, but the new white colour might just be my favourite!

The luxurious SARA blanket from Lapuan Kankurit feels like a warm hug – it was a perfect companion on a cold day by the lake.

And my skin is so grateful for this hand cream – it smells incredible and has the perfect consistency, highly recommend!

I will be back soon with more photos, in the mean while, you can see more on my Instagram.