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Weekend Plans

It’s been a pretty tough week with a sick child, work, renovation plans and other engagements. I am so ready for the weekend!

I’m a true believer in that your home should be like an oasis; a place you feel safe and happy to be in and always look forward to going back to. No matter how busy and challenging things might get, I always try to create that peacefulness in all corners of our home. Sometimes it’s the little details that give you comfort and put a smile on your face after a busy day. Like a bouquet of your favourite flowers, soft textiles or a stack of inspiring magazines waiting to be flicked through.

Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead! Go and do things that you love doing xx

PS. These beautiful textiles were gifted to me by Lapuan Kankurit. Check out my previous post and more information on their website!

Lapuan Kankurit at Scandihome

I may be biased (in fact I know that I am), but there’s something about the quality of Finnish (and more broadly speaking Nordic/Scandinavian) products that is just extraordinary. One reason might be that many Nordic brands have a history going back decades, if not centuries. It takes time to fine tune a product and these companies have done just that. Take Lapuan Kankurit, for example; a Finnish textile company with roots going back 100 years. They are well-known for their amazing textiles, including sauna towels, bed linen, aprons and much more. From impeccable packaging to the best quality linen I’ve ever come across with, Lapuan Kankurit has every detail tuned to perfection.

This beautiful Maija blanket is designed by Lapuan Kankurit and made in Finland (!) It’s become an instant favourite of ours and one that we will treasure for years to come.  I couldn’t think of anything more comforting than a soft blanket and sunshine on a day that I’m recovering from a cold.

Lapuan Kankurit kindly gifted me this product along with a couple of others, so stay tuned for more posts soon!