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Zone Denmark at Scandihome

With the renovations finally coming to an end, I can start reorganising things back to where they belong. I love this process of clearing out everything, then reintroducing the belongings with a fresh set of eyes. The new floors have opened up our home for more light and I love how different our old pieces look.

This little shelf in our kitchen becomes a bit of a landing zone for all kinds of things. Notebooks and pens, containers for elastic bands, tea bags, and other little things. These Zone Denmark Peili containers are absolutely ideal for any room of the house. Not just clever storage, they can also be used for serving. How handy is that?

The Peili plates can also be used as trays and you know how much I love stacking trays to lean against the wall 😉 Just FYI, there is a huge colour range available in these series from Zone Denmark, so if grey is not your cup of tea, go ahead and get something a bit more colourful. I added a touch of texture with the Hexagon trivet. There are never enough trivets in the house or am I the only one?

Last, but not least I sneaked the Ume bath series into the kitchen as well. We prefer a small bin in the kitchen, so the Ume pedal bin is absolutely perfect. Since we use electric toothbrushes, I am using the toothbrush mug in the kitchen to store pencils and scissors. Finally, the soap pump is a beautiful fit in our grey-beige kitchen.

Hope you have had a lovely and productive week. I am looking forward to organising the rest of our home this weekend and finally putting my feet up, even just for a moment! Have a good one!

PS. These products were kindly gifted to me by Zone Denmark. As always, all opinions are my own.

Midweek Update

A little midweek update from our home here in Sydney. The week started off well, but then our daughter brought home a nasty stomach virus from her preschool. Fingers crossed she will be on the mend soon! All my plans were thrown out the window, so lets just see how the rest of the week pans out. I am working on an exciting little project, which I will share the details with you as soon as I can – stay tuned! In the mean while, here’s another wider angle into our living room. If only I didn’t have to bring in the rest of the furniture once the renovations are complete!