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Skagerak Georg Stool from the Finnish Design Shop

My go-to online store for furniture and homeware has for years been the Finnish Design Shop. Their product selection covers pretty much everything I could possibly want for my home, and I could spend hours just browsing the website, day dreaming. I love their vast selection of Finnish design, but they also cover an extensive range of Scandinavian and international brands. Founded in 2004, the Finnish Design Shop first focused on just Finnish design (hence the name), but quickly expanded to cover nearly 200 design brands suited for the Nordic lifestyle. With the head office and a warehouse based in Turku, Finland, this mighty online store delivers to 180 countries worldwide – Australia included!

“We see less as more, and so everything, however small, should be chosen with care. Quality is not elitism, but sustainability.”

Authenticity is a big thing for me, and all products at the Finnish Design Shop are 100% authentic (Australia still has a thing or two to learn about this, but I digress). Conveniently, and unlike in some Australian design stores, stock is almost always on hand making ordering and delivery easy and fast. Take this Skagerak stool, for instance. I have had it on my wishlist from the day it was launched and was so happy to find it available at the Finnish Design Shop. Stock was available, ordering was simple and prices are very compatible (even with shipping included!) with the Australian prices. They also look after collecting and paying the GST for the Australian customers, meaning you don’t have to worry about paying it at the customs.

This stool has quickly become the most versatile piece of furniture in our home. From the bedside to the living room, to an occasional chair at the dining table or the hallway, the Skagerak Georg stool is as beautiful as it is functional. I love its minimalist design and its Scandinavian-Japanese aesthetics – sounds like a pretty perfect match for our home!

PS. Don’t forget to check out the Design Stories, highly recommend! An inspiring mix of design news, interviews and house tours, the Design Stories are amongst my most-visited websites every week.

Winter in Holland

I love this mid-season in Sydney when it’s not too hot (a comfortable 27 degrees today), but we’ve clearly made it on the other side of winter. The mornings can still be cool, so I love dressing light, but have an extra layer on me just in case. This is where scarves and light jackets or cardigans come in.

I came across a Dutch brand “Winter in Holland” only a few months ago, but fell in love with their ethos and products immediately. A beautiful initiative and a slow-fashion brand founded by Anouk van der Laan, Winter in Holland is all about craftsmanship, high quality and durable aesthetics. Their range of textiles, “Socially Made in Amsterdam“, is knitted by women who have come to Holland from countries where education for women is still uncommon. These women are educated to become professional knitters, paid for their work and can receive help to set up their own businesses. Winter in Holland helps these women become more independent in their new home country and provides them with a career in the textile industry.

Needless to say I love everything about this brand and the scarf is absolutely beautiful. It has the most beautiful texture and feel and it is one of those pieces in your wardrobe that you wish to keep for a very long time. Although this scarf was kindly gifted to me by Winter in Holland, all opinions are my own.