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Design Of

Every now and again I come across collections that tick all the right boxes; designs that are timeless, simple and functional. Swedish brand Design Of (previously known as Domo Design) has done just that. They have just released their new website, along with beautiful press images for Spring 2019. Who wouldn’t love a home office like the one in the above photo?!

I have the great honour to be one of their new brand ambassadors and I would love to see this brand take off here in Australia, too! Please get in touch if you are a distributor interested in this brand!

All photos by Design Of.


Cattie Coyle Photography – Giveaway!

I love beautiful prints in our home and Cattie’s eye for photography is absolutely immaculate. Born in Sweden, but residing in the US, Cattie’s style is a perfect mix of Scandinavian minimalism with a touch of coastal lifestyle. I picked this print, named “Sandpipers No.1“, for it’s simplicity and humour. I think the little birds are so cute! Head over to my Instagram to find out how to win a gift card to her art store!