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A new week. The sun finally came out to greet us last weekend and whilst mindful of the fact that we have been in desperate need of rain, it is starting to feel like perhaps we’ve had enough? Despite the clouds being back today, I am welcoming the new week with enthusiasm and expectations. This is the last week for me to prepare for a couple of intense weeks (months, actually) ahead. Next week, I’m honoured to do a little presentation at Nordic Fusion; you can find more details about the event on their website and social media. I’m also preparing for an exciting photo shoot, which I will share details of a little later.

Pictured: Skagerak stool, Anno Collection bedspread, Lapuan Kankurit throw.

Hello Monday!

Spring has arrived here in Sydney and we are about to be hit with some very warm temperatures this week. This is such a nice time of the year here; native flowers are blooming everywhere and it’s often a really comfortable temperature (before those scorcher days later in the year). What’s not to like?

I started my week with reorganising this little corner. The shelf is certainly not the prettiest, and I might move it out on the balcony for summer, but for now it hosts some of my favourite pieces I use almost daily. This year I’ve shifted more and more towards (or should I say, shifted back to) natural elements in our home; think linen and organic cotton, some random branches and dried leafage instead of flowers and green plants, rough handmade ceramics with some baskets thrown in for good measure.

I mentioned Anno in my recent post. Their new collection is absolutely spot on with what I’m loving at the moment and this rug is no exception. It’s so soft (my daughter loves just sitting on it browsing her books) and although I think it will look perfect with what my home is looking like this summer, I have no doubt it will transform with the new season as well. In addition, the texture of this rug adds a nice warmth to a room. I really love it.

Wishing you a lovely week ahead and stay tuned for more soon!

PS. This lovely rug was gifted me by Anno with no strings attached. As always, all opinions are my own.