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On gratitude

Most mornings I am the first to wake up.  I quietly make my way to the kitchen and boil the kettle for a cup of coffee. I leave my phone in the kitchen for the night and only check it first thing in case there are any messages from my family overseas. I grab my cup and a book, any that I might feel like reading a few pages of, and sip through my coffee while everyone else is still asleep. This little quiet moment early in the day is so important to me; it is my time to gather my thoughts and reflect.

Recently, I have felt a need to shift from the screen (and mostly, social media) towards enjoying these little moments even more. For most of us, social media is a place for work, connections and inspiration, but it can also be time-consuming and can sometimes bring up negative emotions, like jealousy and insufficiency. Flicking through endless photos of polished homes and advertisements for new products, it is so easy to lose a sense of gratitude.

Often we are encouraged to write down (or to say aloud) our aspirations and dreams, but I think it’s also important to remind yourself of the things you are grateful for, each day. Adding this little routine to my day has made an immediate change and has helped me maintain a balance between the “requirements” of my work as an interior blogger (I am incredibly grateful for being able to promote some of the most amazing brands in the world) and being conscious about consuming and accumulating.

Choosing products of highest quality is not something I regard as elitism, but as a way to live more sustainably. I have always been conscious about consuming, but have expanded that even more in recent years. Choosing organic, well made materials for clothing and soft furnishings can make such a difference in the everyday life. Well-looked after, they will last you for years.

These incredible products, the softest organic cotton bedding and warmest alpaca knit, were so kindly gifted to me by Serendipity Organics. They are celebrating an incredible 15 years (congratulations!) with a homage to motherhood – a life-changing journey I am forever thankful for.

Winter in Holland

I love this mid-season in Sydney when it’s not too hot (a comfortable 27 degrees today), but we’ve clearly made it on the other side of winter. The mornings can still be cool, so I love dressing light, but have an extra layer on me just in case. This is where scarves and light jackets or cardigans come in.

I came across a Dutch brand “Winter in Holland” only a few months ago, but fell in love with their ethos and products immediately. A beautiful initiative and a slow-fashion brand founded by Anouk van der Laan, Winter in Holland is all about craftsmanship, high quality and durable aesthetics. Their range of textiles, “Socially Made in Amsterdam“, is knitted by women who have come to Holland from countries where education for women is still uncommon. These women are educated to become professional knitters, paid for their work and can receive help to set up their own businesses. Winter in Holland helps these women become more independent in their new home country and provides them with a career in the textile industry.

Needless to say I love everything about this brand and the scarf is absolutely beautiful. It has the most beautiful texture and feel and it is one of those pieces in your wardrobe that you wish to keep for a very long time. Although this scarf was kindly gifted to me by Winter in Holland, all opinions are my own.