Care By Me

Today I’m so excited to share an interview with Camilla Gullits, the founder and designer at a Danish brand ‘Care By Me‘. Camilla’s passion for ethical, long lasting and beautiful clothing and soft furnishings is truly inspirational, so please scroll down for more!

Tell me a little bit about how Care by Me came about?

Well, originally I’m educated from the Royal Danish Academy of fine arts, architecture and design. But when I had my 3 children, I started to work with IT communication and management as I did not want to travel to much away from the kids.

I started my own company within communications, and this actually went very well – and one day after the kids grew up I decided I wanted to do something good for others as life has been so kind to me.

As a business woman and mother I learned it is important to take care of yourself to be able to give to others (family, kids, friends, and husband) a lot of woman forget this and become more and more stressfull. So, I wanted to make a small universe where woman from our part of the world could relax, breathe and treat themselves, in the same time they helps women in developing countries.

There’s a huge social and financial gap between genders – and as a feminist I really wanted to help woman in developing countries to become independent – to be able to take care of themselves and their kids – and to help the next generation of children to become more well educated.

So in short: CARE BY ME is about embracing woman in our part of the world in the same time we empower women in developing countries.

In my mind the new luxury is social!

What has been the hardest part about operating Care By Me? And the most rewarding part?

The hardest part was when we had the earthquake in 2015 – it was a huge chock for all employees – everyone was affected by this and everyone knew someone or had family who did not make it. It took way over a year to get production up and running again. It has also been very hard to be alone with my vision –I’m so happy to learn that more and more people work with social sustainability now than 8 years ago, and people who did not understand what I wanted to do understands now.

The most rewarding part is I feel I make a positive difference both towards the woman I work with – but also my impact on others to become more conscious in their lifestyle.

What does “ethical fashion” mean to you?

First of all a dilemma – because as soon as you mention fashion I’m not sure it is sustainable – I know it can be ethical, but I think one of the dilemmas we are working with these days is that people still want to much new things all the time – and in my believe you should rather buy one great sweater in a good quality than buy 4 in a bad quality. The resources you use on one good sweater is the same or less on 1 poor quality sweater. And if you sell one sweater to 500 USD or you sell 50 sweaters at 10 USD the economy is the same – so I truly believe we should only make or buy one sweater.

The ethical part is also much easier when you make one and not fifty sweaters – as you will not have the same stress factor to produce to much – and work to many hours – and it is easier to give a decent salary because your earnings on one sweater is better.

Ethical fashion therefore must be ‘less is better’ -the new luxury is social, so of course no one will wear garments made with a poor or bad effect on the people who made them!

What is in the future for Care By Me?

We will keep the current product lines – and continue to work with our social and environmental footprint. We hope to grow internationally and to be able to inspire others to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Thank you Camilla!

You can find Care By Me on their website and on Instagram.

Tidying Up

In recent weeks I have been on a mission to declutter and tidy up all our belongings. Our long(er) term plan is to create an attic space that can be used as a home office and that has been a major motivation for this project.

Sorting through our possessions, it became clear to me that they all needed to add value to our lives. The “value” can of course be a lot of things; not just function, but also happiness or even nice memories. From our daughters drawings and craft works to clothes stands and cleaning products, surrounding ourselves with items that we truly value, can make such a difference in the way we view all our possessions.

Focusing on the sole purpose of value, even the most mundane things – like your cleaning supplies, can actually add value. I recently replaced our rusty metal clothes stand with this beautiful wooden one that I don’t mind leaving out when not in use. A beautiful object on its own right, it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In our kitchen, I have started using these 100% organic kitchen cloths and towels, alongside these environmental cleaning products. I can honestly say that I look forward to cleaning the kitchen now! The cloths are incredibly soft and absorbent and I could never go back to using harsh chemicals anymore.

I’m slowly making my way through our home and looking forward to showing you more soon!

PS. Includes gifted products with links.