Jotun Lady – New Colour Collection CALM

Jotun Lady in Norway is always on top of the game when it comes to perfect colour schemes. Their new collection CALM is no exception; the mix of beige and grey is absolutely perfect! Over the years, I have shifted towards this colour scheme and find it so serene, exactly what I want to feel at home.

I love adding raw and natural elements like dried grasses, linen and handmade ceramics. Adding earthy colours like terracotta can bring so much depth and contrast as well. Again, Jotun Lady has captured these elements so beautifully in their colours.

It’s not often I see a new colour collection, so perfectly catered for what I already love. This has truly ticked all the boxes.

PS. Perhaps needless to point out, but this post is by no means sponsored by Jotun Lady. Just sharing the love! All photos by Jotun Lady.

The Lost and Found Department

Something a bit different today, but I just had to share a few photos of Silvia’s beautiful store at Hunter’s Hill. Located in a historical building in the town centre, The Lost and Found Department is a real gem.

The visitors can wander around from room to room and there are beautiful details everywhere you look; from French soap to linen aprons, from delicate handmade ceramics to rustic chopping boards. I could have spent hours here!

The potting shed with its rustic charm was my favourite, the court yard will open this summer. I am already looking forward to visiting again.