Good Morning Monday

Our floors are finally done (hurrah!) and now we just need to work on some details (like painting the skirting boards). It feel so nice to be able to get our home back in order after a few pretty hectic weeks. I love how different our bedroom looks like with lighter floors – it all seems to work so much better now! I am obsessed with fluffy grass at the moment, such an easy (no cost!) decoration that can add a lot of texture.

Happy new week!

Midweek Update

A little midweek update from our home here in Sydney. The week started off well, but then our daughter brought home a nasty stomach virus from her preschool. Fingers crossed she will be on the mend soon! All my plans were thrown out the window, so lets just see how the rest of the week pans out. I am working on an exciting little project, which I will share the details with you as soon as I can – stay tuned! In the mean while, here’s another wider angle into our living room. If only I didn’t have to bring in the rest of the furniture once the renovations are complete!