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Introducing – Creative Studio Scandihome

I’m excited to introduce Creative Studio Scandihome at your service! I’ve taken a little leap of faith and keen to start a new chapter in my life. You may or may not know that I started blogging back in 2009, slowly building content, collaborating and getting featured in a variety of magazines, websites and books. I took a break for a couple of years after my daughter was born, started working part-time and life just got too busy altogether. Long story short, my new venture will take me back to doing what I love. For now, I’ll be focusing on styled product photography (interiors) and social media content creation (including blog posts), but I’m hoping to add a home styling service in the near future.

Please take a look at my “portfolio” and scroll down for some of my recent work. Feel free to contact me at for collaboration inquiries, rates and any questions you may have!

Stelton – styled product photography

BRDR Kruger – styled product photography

Lapuan Kankurit – styled product photography 
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GEJST – styled product photography

Smaelta + Anne Black / Elevate Design
– styled product photography

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Nedre Foss – styled product photography
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Woodnotes – styled product photography
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BEDesign – styled product photography
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top3bydesign – visual merchandising, product photography, styling and editorial work
(examples from #top3style magazine)

June Wish List

I’m no stranger to making endless wish lists (which I’m sure most of us are!), so I thought I’d list a few favourites for the month of June (and beyond). Our floors are about to get a lot lighter, so I’m gravitating towards grey and oak with some black details. I love the Domo Design sideboard, such a versatile piece for any room of the house! They come in a variety of colours, but I’m really liking the grey at the moment. The Skagerak Miskito lounge chair has a Wegner look to it and I absolutely adore it; such a signature piece. Holmegaard released the DWL lanterns in new smoke grey colour and dare I say, I think I like the grey more than the original! Needless to say I could do with more than one of these. As for the art, have you seen the prints by Gurilla?? No words needed. They are simply magical. Last, but not least, can we all just take a moment to appreciate the Yuh lamp by one and only Louis Poulsen? That’s all. My dream home in one photo.

PS. None of this content is sponsored in any way.