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Over the years, living more sustainably has become a lifestyle for our family. From consuming less to choosing our purchases more carefully, we try to make the best decisions every day.

I wanted to learn more about what sustainable design means to some of my favourite designers. Scroll down to find out what they had to say!

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My love for high quality textiles started when I was a little girl – no joke! My mum had a laundry business for more than 30 years and I literally grew up in there, helping her and learning all about different textiles and how to look after them. Rugs were always a big deal in my home; my grandmother had a huge loom in her house and we still have some of the traditional rugs that she weaved herself.

When I moved to Australia, I quickly realised that the culture for indoor textiles and especially rugs was quite different here. Most houses had carpets, instead of wooden floorboards and rugs weren’t really used in the same way as in Finland. I had a hard time finding anything else but Persian rugs, which were beautiful, but just not my style.

When I first came across Pappelina rugs more than a decade ago, I knew they would be perfect for our home. These phthalate-free plastic rugs, which are still weaved in Sweden, are not just incredibly durable, but so easy to look after and keep clean as well. I bought my first Pappelina rugs nearly 10 years ago and they all still look as new.

This year Pappelina celebrates its 20th anniversary. A family run business now sells rugs and other household products to over 40 countries worldwide. All Pappelina rugs are still woven at the same weaving mill where Lina, the CEO of Pappelina, first discovered the plastic ribbons, although the looms and the employees have increased since then. The plastic ribbons used are all manufactured in Sweden according to high set quality. Pappelina rugs really are a perfect example of Scandinavian design – they are timeless, high quality and functional, all at once.

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These rugs were gifted to me by Pappelina, but all opinions are my own.