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Cattie Coyle Photography – Giveaway!

I love beautiful prints in our home and Cattie’s eye for photography is absolutely immaculate. Born in Sweden, but residing in the US, Cattie’s style is a perfect mix of Scandinavian minimalism with a touch of coastal lifestyle. I picked this print, named “Sandpipers No.1“, for it’s simplicity and humour. I think the little birds are so cute! Head over to my Instagram to find out how to win a gift card to her art store!


A new week. The sun finally came out to greet us last weekend and whilst mindful of the fact that we have been in desperate need of rain, it is starting to feel like perhaps we’ve had enough? Despite the clouds being back today, I am welcoming the new week with enthusiasm and expectations. This is the last week for me to prepare for a couple of intense weeks (months, actually) ahead. Next week, I’m honoured to do a little presentation at Nordic Fusion; you can find more details about the event on their website and social media. I’m also preparing for an exciting photo shoot, which I will share details of a little later.

Pictured: Skagerak stool, Anno Collection bedspread, Lapuan Kankurit throw.