Welcoming August

I’m welcoming August with an open heart. There will be a hint of spring in the air, even more of my favourite flowers will be blooming and the days are getting longer. I find myself getting a little sentimental at this time of the year; it’s my brother’s birthday in August and I haven’t seen him in a very long time. It will be my birthday soon too and although I am not worried about getting older, it’s always a reminder that time is flying by fast!

I was sent these beautiful calendars by Olivia from The Brown Paper Movement. What a lovely way to start a new month! I absolutely love Olivia’s work and highly recommend checking out her website and Instagram.

Magnolia Season

For weeks I’ve been looking around for blooming Magnolia trees and now they are finally in season! I absolutely adore these delicate flowers and was so lucky to find a few branches at my favourite florist. Today I was reminded again to enjoy the little moments in life, just like these beautiful flowers that bloom for such a short time. They are truly magical, if you ask me!

I apologise in advance for the magnolia spam, most of it happening on my Instagram 😉