Month: March 2018

Weekend Mood

It’s almost time for the weekend and after an overcast week, we are expecting a warm and sunny couple of days. I’ve spent quite a bit of time on our balcony this summer, re-potting some of my plants, getting rid of others and just organising the space so it’s inviting at all times. As a result, we’ve ended up spending a lot more time here, which is exactly what we wanted!

Since we are located so close to the ocean, I have to be mindful of the materials I use outside (indoors as well, to some extent); salty air is pretty good at ruining everything very quickly! Metal lanterns (like the one in the photo) get rusty if I leave them out for too long, and salt coats all surfaces, even textiles.

Looks like we have a few more days of summer left, so you’ll find me here this weekend. Have a good one!